Prices quoted may be increased from time to time and Menus may be subject to change at any time. Policies and prices within this brochure form part of these terms and must be agreed to before the booking is accepted.

Blundells Hill will take all reasonable steps to fulfil the booking to the best of its ability and in accordance with the details provided. However it reserves the right to provide an alternative service, of an equivalent standard or better, at no additional cost to the client.

Blundells Hill has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in its brochures, tariffs, leaflets and advertisements is accurate. It reserves the right to alter, substitute or withdraw any service, facility or amenities, without notice, if necessary, at any time.


A Deposit of £500 is required at the time of booking which will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

An Interim Payment of £500 is payable 12 months before the date booked which, after that time, will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

50% of the potential booking value is required 6 months before the date booked which, after that time, will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Full Balance will be due no less than 2 months prior to the date booked which, after that time, will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

A £300 bond will be payable 2 months prior to the date booked which will be returned to you, in full, after the event, upon satisfactory inspection of the room, its contents and compliance with these Terms and Conditions.


The client shall give details of final numbers expected to attend not less than 10 days prior to the date booked. In the event of a small amendment to the final numbers (+/- 10) Blundells Hill will charge for the numbers confirmed 48 hours prior to the event.

To avoid embarrassment please ensure that you order food to cater for the anticipated number of guests. It is unwise to ask us to cater for only 120 people when you expect 140 people to attend.


The client and persons attending the function shall:

a) Comply with all the licensing, health and safety and other regulations relating to the club.
b) Not bring any dangerous or hazardous items into the club (decorative candles or tea lights must be covered with no naked flames).
c) Not consume food or drink on the premises, not supplied by Blundells Hill, without prior written consent.
d) Not act in a disorderly manner.
e) Leave promptly at the appropriate time.
f) Comply with any reasonable requests made by the management.
g) Restrict their activities to the areas covered by the hire, i.e. The Marion Suite ,Sun Lounge, Restaurant, Toilets and Foyer.
h) Not use any foul or abusive language outside of the function room that could offend golfing members and/or other visitors.

Favours must not contain alcohol, and gifts containing alcoholic drinks must not be consumed on the premises at any time.


The function organiser must assume total responsibility for all children attending the function and advise all parents and visiting adults of the risks and requirements as set out by the management of Blundells Hill Golf Club.

a) There is nowhere within or about the premises that is designated as a children’s play area.
b) None of the furniture, fittings or fixtures are designed to be walked on, climbed upon or jumped off.
c) All children must be properly supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
d) Children must wear shoes at all times during the function as there is a risk of glasses getting broken and glass shards falling to the floor.
e) Children must not play on any stairways, inside or outside the building.
f) Children must be kept within the premises and not allowed to wander outside due to the roadways being in constant use by vehicular traffic.
g) Blundells Hill accepts no liability whatsoever for any injuries sustained by unsupervised children.


Blundells Hill will only be liable to the client, and/or persons attending, for injury to persons or loss or damage to property where and to the extent that it has been negligent, but otherwise will be under no liability to them whatsoever.

The client shall be liable for any loss or damage to Blundells Hill’s property.

Blundells Hill does not accept responsibility for any goods left unattended at the Golf Club, whether overnight or otherwise. Gifts, and cards containing vouchers or money, should be kept secure at all times. Blundells Hill cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to these items. The client is advised to consider its own insurance requirements for the client’s own property.


Details of any outside contractors such as uplighting, candy carts, photo booths, etc. not booked through Blundells Hill must be notified one month prior to the date of the function, otherwise they may not be allowed on site.

All contractors must leave their designated area(s) clean and tidy at the end of the function and remove all equipment immediately, or no later than 11am the following morning, by prior arrangement with management.

All contractors will be required to ensure that all equipment brought on site is safe, fit for purpose, PAT certified, and that they are covered by public liability insurance.

In the case of dancefloors the uplifting and relaying of our dancefloor must be carried out at the expense of the hirer and to our satisfaction.


These premises have been approved for the solemnization of marriages pursuance of section 26(1)(bb) of the Marriage Act 1949 and for the registration of civil partnerships in pursuance of section 6(3A)(a) of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

Alcoholic drinks may not be consumed in the Sun Lounge before or during the ceremony.

It is the client’s responsibility to book the registrar and our charges do not include any registrar’s fees.