Following the Prime Minister’s press conference on Monday 16th March, the management committee met on Tuesday to consider in the light of the recommendations made how we proceed over the next 3-4 months.

Our number 1 priority is that Members and Staff are kept safe and well, and the golf course remains open for play. We have noted carefully the Government’s recommendations for people to remain fit and healthy by continuing to exercise in the fresh air, and bearing in mind the average age of the membership.

There are some immediate things we need to do.  First and foremost if anyone has a cold or any symptoms of COVID-19 (such as a cough, a high temperature, shortness of breath) please do NOT come into the clubhouse.

We would urge all golfers to come dressed for golf, to change their shoes in the car park and keep their clubs in the car to encourage social distancing. With immediate effect, the showers will be out of use but the toilets and hand washing facilities will be kept open. We wish for the locker rooms to be used as little as possible.

The social aspect of the Club will be curtailed. Shotgun starts with people congregating before and after are discouraged for the time being, and prolonged near contact as may happen during quiz nights and other clubhouse-based activities have been suspended.

Society bookings where food and social interaction is involved afterwards will be limited in accordance with the latest guidance, and social meals for groups in the clubhouse will be avoided.

Individual golf lessons with Chris will continue as normal, however we are asking players to take the following precautions during the session: No handshakes or high 5’s, covering of mouth if coughing or sneezing, maintaining appropriate distance from others, and regular hand washing before and after each lesson.

The touchscreens have been taken out of action for the time being, competition entry is still possible via the website, proshop and Club V1 Members App.  Protective gloves have been issued to the Handicap Committee members tasked with finalising results.

When playing golf during the next few months, groups having close and prolonged contact should be avoided so here are a few tips so you can still enjoy a game.

Don’t shake hands or high five before or after your game, you may bump elbows as an alternative.
Pick only your own ball up; (do not do a ball draw from a hat throw balls up).
Do not share equipment like range finders etc.
Leave the flags in the holes.
Keep a distance of at least 6ft from your playing partners.
Please don’t swap scorecards at any time, please mark your own cards.
Wash your hands after your round for at least 20 seconds in hot soapy water.
All ball washers and rakes have been removed from the course.  Please use your club or shoe to even out the sand.
Do not share any food or drinks on the course.

Steps already in place in the Clubhouse include:

Removal of all cutlery, condiments and menus from our tables, these will be handed out individually as required
Removal of some tables and chairs from the lounge to allow a safe distance of 6 feet between each table to achieve the recommend space for social distancing
Regular cleaning of all high-contact surfaces including door handles, bar top and tables.

You can help by …

Ensuring that you wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds on arrival and at regular intervals when inside the Clubhouse.
Using the alcohol based hand sanitizer in the foyer before entering the Members Lounge or Proshop.
Practicing social distancing on course and in the clubhouse. (6ft away from partners), so please don’t move the tables closer together.
Refraining from cash payments and using contactless.
Topping up your gold card accounts via the app and showing your card number to the bar staff instead of handing it to them.

This is a very fluid situation and we ask all members, guests and visitors to the club to monitor the latest advice regularly.

Blundells Hill Golf Club will continually monitor and act upon the advice and guidance issued by the Government and NHS as this fast-paced situation continues to develop.

It is important that we all work together, following the advice of experts, in controlling the spread of COVID-19 infection.

For further information please use the link below:


Andy Roberts
Club Secretary